Dodge Stratus SaloonDodge Stratus Saloon - 2.0 16V
133 коня - бензин
12.1995 - 04.2001
Спирачни челюсти
комплект спирачна челюст FERODO PREMIER FSB4072 Dodge Stratus Saloon 2.0 16V
година на производство до:
страна на монтаж:
задна ос
ширина [mm]:
32,5 мм
тегло [kg]:
1,55 кг
диаметър на барабана:
спирачна система:
Информация: Visit for more information about Ferodo, technical support, tools and services SAFE: Shorter stopping distance than competitors QUALITY: Meets or exceeds OE specifications and regulations EASY: Simple fitment on 99% of vehicles in Europe EFFECTIVE: Excellent fade resistance and water recovery Over 100 years of experience in friction and braking mean the Ferodo name is synonymous with excellence. Ferodo was the first brand in the world entirely dedicated to the design and manufacture of friction products. And today our experienced engineers develop leading solutions for even the most demanding conditions. Set of Disc Brake pads to repair a vehicle axle, accessories for an easy and safe fit + fitting instruction included
задна ос
102 лв. цена с ДДС
комплект спирачни челюсти ABE C0Y008ABE Dodge Stratus Saloon 2.0 16V
страна на монтаж:
задна ос
диаметър на барабана:
ширина [mm]:
45 мм
задна ос
82 лв. цена с ДДС
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Спирачни челюсти за Dodge Stratus Saloon 2.0 16V - 133 коня бензин. Ниска цена на марките ATE, Bosch, Delphi, TRW, Textar, Brembo, Ferodo.

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